BBA - Real Estate Broker

Services for buyers

Buying a property requires much technical know-how, as well as plenty of time and energy. As a professional in real estate, you can count on me to find the home of your dreams and guarantee that all steps necessary for the purchase of your property are done following the necessary guidelines. I am professional and dynamic, and I have all the tools necessary to successfully complete your real estate transactions.

By using my services, you will benefit from:

- Someone who listens attentively to better answer to your needs, allowing you to reach your objectives.

- My extensive knowledge of the real estate industry in Nun’s Island and its surrounding areas.

- My flexibility, availability and my desire to exceed your expectations.

- My ability to negotiate offers to purchase as they relate to the realities of the market, the legal consequences and the laws currently in place.

- My ability to take full charge of real estate transactions, from selecting which properties to visit to signing the final contract with your notary.

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